Advantages and disadvantages of tandem master cylinder

a master cylinder which eliminates the previous disadvantages of piston. They found that, as the plug rests on the center of the concave surface of the piston, while manufacturing the piston by molding process, the flow of resinous material will improve and hence the dimensional accuracy of piston will be improved.

ATE is the expert when it comes to Brake Master Cylinders. Better than ever, the new plunger type tandem solution has so many more advantages than its predecessors that it can only be referred to as trend setting. The demands on the master brake cylinder are particularly high in vehicles with ABS, our designs meet every aspect of these demands.
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While I prefer dual systems, either setup is only as good as its engineering and maintenance. A dual master cylinder with bad seals can pump the fluid out until you have no brakes, just like a single cylinder. A buddy of mine plugged the rear MC port while sourcing brakelines for his daily driver. Clever and stupid all at once, especially since ...
A tandem master cylinder allows 2 different brake circuits. If part of the master cylinder fails, at least 2 wheels will still have brakes. The pedal may have a lot more travel but the car can still be stopped. In the US, the most common split was...
a. Compensation port in tandem master cylinder clogged. a. Dis-assemble the tandem master cylinder and clean. b. Rubber parts were swollen because of the usage of non-recommended fluids. b. Drain the brake system and dismantle the whole brake system. Replace all rubber parts including the brake hoses.
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Tandem master cylinder is a main component of hydraulic braking system. The only difference it has with a normal master cylinder is it has two pistons in it which helps to create much more n equal pressure on the both ends of the car rare n front wheels as two pistons work individually for two ends.
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