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Games Trading Card Games. Pokemon; Magic the Gathering; Digimon; Flesh and Blood; Booster Box; TCG Accessories. Sleeves; Deck Boxes; Storage Boxes; Portfolios; Play Mats; Boogie Boards; Dividers; Board & Card Games. Board & Card Game Accessories; Board Games; Travel Games; Ages 2+ Ages 4+ Ages 6+ Ages 8+ Ages 10+ Ages 12+ Ages 14+ Ages 18 ...Mansions of Madness is a co-op board game that draws from the seething, squirming horror of the Lovecraft mythos and features its own robot game master (ye gods!) courtesy of its PC and mobile companion app. In each scenario, you build up different environments and set to solving an inevitably cursed mystery.

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Put together a crew of cursed pirates, steal a ship, and chase after the killer! Cannons blasting, on-board battles, sea monsters and demons, friendship and betrayal, rum and beautiful girls (and possibly romance, or even more...): this is your story, and only you can choose how it will end. Full speed ahead, Captain!
The first curse, The Voracious Goddess will take up to 20 hours to complete and that will take up to 10-15 play sessions essentially making it a modified campaign game! What Kind of Game is the 7th Continent? The 7th Continent is an adventure game, similar to a choose your own adventure like the Fighting Fantasy game books.
Aug 06, 2018 · Aug 6, 2018. #1. Okay, so this is inspired by this Battletech CYOA thing that was linked in Acyl's False Prophets. It sounded interesting and since I was looking at a Battletech SI anyway, I decided to give it a go. Now, I did two things: I nixed anything ComStar related, mostly because it would have been too similar to Acyl's work.
Board index Player's Pavillion WiP: NaNoRenO Aeronaut [Fantasy][Adventure][CYOA] NaNoRenO is an event where creators make a game from scratch during the month of March.
HENTAI [ProjectPhysalis] Patron's Reward 1 - KimPossible. by GoldenBerryStudio. A little minigame brought to you thanks to our kind supporters on Patreon! Game. 420,603 Views. (Adults Only) Jessika's Curse. by VenusNoire. Jessika's Curse is a sexy adult themed fantasy RPG inspired by Darkest Dungeon.
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It's reminiscent of a Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy book, with the shadowy figure accompanying you acting like a game master, leading you from each encounter to the next. Hand of Fate is a card game, but it's less so one that you're playing yourself and more one that you're stuck inside of.
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Here's something that's a little different from the usual, I present to you my Cursed Boardgame CYOA It's playable directly from your browser, a hybrid between a game and interactive CYOA, so give it a try.
Interactive Horror Stories by Ahmet Kamil Keleş. Interactive Horror Stories is a collection of 7 horror stories in which you are the hero. In the style of Choose Your Own Adventure; you make choices, they change the plotline and bring you different endings. You encounter various evil entities in this stories (humans are entity, too).