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It is still on my bench and I use still to this day. I bought it because it is affordable and on paper looked to have all the features of a Dillon 650 for a fraction of the cost. While it does have a case feeder, on press priming, auto-indexing, quick change 5 station turrets, etc. it definitely is the budget option.Coupled with the Lock-N-Load® Case Feeder, you’ll realize dramatic increases in efficiency and reloading speed — up to 50% faster (based on experience and proficiency). The Bullet Feeder Die is case activated; the bullet will only feed upon contact with the case. A single station is used to feed, seat and crimp the bullet.

Near the top of the .223 rod is an expander portion (approx .226" dia) which improves bullet tamping somewhat. Personally, I've found that trimming a small amount of material (.010"-.020") from the end of the Dillon rod will give just a bit more expansion to the case mouth (you may have to case harden the tip again though).
Dillon Case feeder plate Knob. Now handle plates easily. 650 550 1050 $ 10.00
Dillon SL900 Reloader w/Casefeeder 12/20/28 6 month old new Dillion SL900 reloader with case feeder. 12 ,20 & 28 gauge conversion kits. Case feeder plate for 20/28ga. (1) Extra Power Measure, Low Powder Sensor Alarm, Spare Parts kit and Dillon Tool kit. Received as a Christmas gift and just...
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Aluminum Ball Bearing Roller handle for Dillon XL650 - XL750, RL550 and Square Deal. €44,90.
Feedinator 2000 case feeder. $ 950.00. The Feedinator 2000 is an automated jam-resistant case feeder compatible with Dillon products, and integrates with the Sortinator 1000. If your desired caliber is not shown, let us know and we'll make a kit for your caliber. Feeder Calibers.
The Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder by DAA uses a 6-tube magazine system which holds roughly 100 bullets. It feeds into the same brilliantly reliable dropper die assembly as used on the Mr.Bulletfeeder. Using a Mr.Bulletfeeder while reloading is a real pleasure. It makes the reloading process faster and much easier.
The Dillon case feeder plate includes a cleaver slip-clutch type center core, which helps prevent the motor from stalling in case the shell plate jams up. This slip-disc is factory adjusted and should not need tensioning in use. The small pistol plate is recommended for use with 32ACP, #2 S&W Long/32 H&R Magnum, .380 ACP, 9mm/38 Super.
Product Description. 60982462510. Electric Variable Speed Casefeeder for the XL750 & XL650 machines. With it, you simply dump in a bunch of brass and turn it on. It automatically orients the brass mouth-side up, fills the case feed tube, shuts off when the tube is full, and automatically starts as the tube gets low. Magic!
DILLON XL750. The Dillon XL750 is a high-speed progressive reloading machine designed to load the common rifle and handgun cartridges, from 17 Hornet though the common belted magnum cartridges in rifle, and 32 ACP through 500 S&W in handgun. Machine height from the bench is 32″ without the optional electric case feeder, 38 1/2″ with the ...
The adapter, complete with case feeder, collator and 11" drop tube is $60 with the aluminum adapter, or $75 with the brass adapter. The 11" polycarbonate tube that connects the adapter to the Hulme case feeder has a 1/2" ID which will work with all calibers up to and including 41 Magnum. I can supply a polycarbonate tube that will work with 44 ...
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