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Vaush / ˈ v ɑː ʃ / (or VaushV) is an American self-described socialist YouTuber and occasional troll who advocates for "pro-markets" libertarian socialism to replace capitalism as an economic system in the near future. He's gained a modest amount of fame online for his videos criticizing and debating reactionaries such as Sargon of Akkad, Blaire White, Stefan Molyneux, Count Dankula, and ...Vaush is a based American leftist youtuber and streamer. He is known for debunking conservatives, the alt-right and is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. As of May 2020, he was 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. Vaush is a Libertarian Socialist that advocates for the Market Socialism. He is against authoritarian forms of leftism, and opposes people who praise communist dictators like Stalin and ...

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Fmr.Director of the Maryland Mike Gravel Campaign, Fmr. North East Region Deputy Director, Fmr. Foreign Policy Advisor for Mckayla Wilkes and Senator Jill Carter. City environmental board member. I stream about foreign policy and love grand strategy games. Let's have world peace in our lifetime.
Aug 16, 2021 · Hunter Avallone has taken part in several online debates against Youtube and other online figures from a variety of political backgrounds, including Destiny, a progressive twitch gaming streamer who has also become known for political debates, Vaush, an anarcho-syndicalist and anti-reactionary Youtuber and Vegan Gains, vegan Youtuber and failed ...
Vaush and Contrapoints discuss their experience being canceled on Twitter and how it went. They discuss it in detail and give their thoughts on Twitter disco...
It seems like every day there's a moronic news article or blog post somewhere about how something or other is too white or implicitly racist. Last week Welsh was racist, now craft beer is too white etc etc The thing is I've never seen any evidence of this materializing as a policy, or anything at all, in the real world. A jobsworth journo or some think tank can ''write'' these things but it ...
Vaush. January 6 ·. VICTORY IN GEORGIA! Warnock & Ossoff BOTH WIN! 192192. 6 Comments 21 Shares. Share.
Check out my YouTube & Twitch channel for live streams and other content. ‎Şov: Previously Live, Bölüm: Vaush BRUTALLY SILENCES a TERF (ft. the Inseminator) - 23 Ağu 2021
Vaush is a long running Entertainers stream on that last went live this month. He has had an unbelievable 47,649 viewers counted by our trackers at one time. He has 370,000 Followers at
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YouTube is yet another Google cash-cow the Internet's foremost repository of videos that end up as TV news filler items. Credited as one of the driving forces of Web 2.0, it makes readily available many music videos, copyright-infringing clips from TV shows and movies, annoying would-be music or comedy acts, random people playing video games for twenty minutes, and stupid home videos.